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Option to Sort/Categorization Provider/Organization Demographics Based on the User's Preference

I work for a billing company that has several clients around the United States. When entering provider/organization demographics into UHINt, the rows saved in the program as you entered them. I organized my data where the organization was at the top of each "section" with their providers below. I did this so there was NO confusion as to which providers belonged to each organization. It was also nice how UHINt had the option for a Unique Provider ID. MYUHIN no longer offers this. When entering the provider demographics into MYUHIN, they are sorted by numeric order of the providers/organizations NPI's. Resulting in our provider demographics having no order and being scrambled. This is frustrating and disappointing. It would be GREAT if UHIN could add an option to categorize/sort our providers demographics.

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  • Sep 4 2020
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